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Beth Sholom B'nai Israel officially created an Israel Advocacy Committee in 2012.  The purpose of the committee is to defend Israel against media bias however we can.

The Real Source Of The Problem
Hamas, recognized and labeled as a terrorist organization by the US and other countries, is the  ruling party of Gaza, elected by the people of Gaza. Below is a link to see Hamas' charter. Once you read it, you will see how sick their ideology is and will start to understand that they have no intention of creating a peace with Israel under any circumstance.  I have highlighted the more egregious passages, but the whole document is a study in radical ideology, hate, lies and deceit.
Hamas Charter
View of Gaza from S'derot, less than 2 miles away.
Points To Consider
The press has always tended to unfairly point at Israel as the aggressor. It is not always what the media says, but how they say it.

The media:
Israel is engaged in an offensive in Gaza.
The Reality:
Since she is trying to stop Hamas from firing missiles into Israel, mostly aimed at civilian targets, isn't firing back, by definition, a defensive measure?

The Media: The current hostilities started when Israel assassinated Hamas' militant chief Ahmed Jabari.
The Reality:
Jabari was eliminated because of the escalation of rocket attacks against Israel, which were organized and orchestrated by him. Jabari was also known to be the mastermind behind the takeover of Gaza by the terrorist group Hamas, as well as the kidnapping (the media says he was "captured") of Israeli soldier Gilad Shallit from Israeli land during a time of relative quiet between Israel and the Palestinian terrorists. Using the word "assassinate" lends too much credibility to the terrorist leadership. In times of war, do you assassinate your enemy, or do they become legitimate war casualties?

The Media: Hamas perpetrators of violence are referred to as "militants".
The Reality:
There are similarities between militants and terrorists, but the differences between them are what make the distinction, defining Hamas as terrorists rather than militants. A terrorist uses violence, with no respect for human life, to achieve his goals. A militant doesn't necessarily use violence to achieve his goals, but will not hesitate to use it if necessary. As an example, a person who strongly advocated the civil rights movement of the '60's may have been considered a militant, but not a terrorist.

See how the Palestinians create fake photos and videos that they feed to the media. Just as bad, the media airs the videos and prints the photos.

S'derot Emergency Vehicle
S'derot Emergency Vehicle

IDF Website
Israel Defense Force Website
This is a great source of information, and there are links you can use to connect with the IDF on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Israeli Air Force
Defense Ministry
Home Front Command
Military Advocacy General

Other Sources Of Information
Exploded RocketIndoor Playground
The children of S'derot can't even play outside safely. Thousands of missiles have been fired into southern Israel from Gaza, starting long before the current (November, 2012) hostilities and even during times of relative quiet. From the time the warning sirens sound, residents of S'derot only have 15 seconds to find shelter.
Exploded Missile

The Jewish National Fund built an indoor playground for the children of S'derot. Using an existing steel industrial building, they reinforced the walls and added bomb shelters in strategic locations so that, no matter where in the building they are, or what they are doing, the children can get to a bomb shelter within 15 seconds.
Taking A Break

Air Hockey
Inside Bomb Shelter
Inside Bomb Shelter

IDF Soldier Praying

If you would like more information, or to join the BSBI Israel Advocacy Committee, please call (860) 643-9563 for information, or email me here.

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