Welcome to BSBI Sisterhood!

Women's League for Conservative Judiasm

Our Sisterhood gives women many opportunities to experience meaningful friendships, a strong sense of Temple commitment and a full range of educational, cultural and social activities.

Mission Statement/Purpose:

The object of the Beth Sholom B'nai Israel Sisterhood shall be to:

o Promote in every way possible the welfare of the congregation and its religious school
o Stress ethical & religious practices in everyday living
o Further Jewish education in the family
o Create & foster Jewish sentiment in the home, stimulating the observances of home ceremonies & the dietary laws
o Stress the observance of the Sabbath and festivals
o Foster a sense of communal responsibility on the part of its members
o Sponsor & encourage youth activities and affiliations
o Sponsor & promote a general program of education & cultural activities in the congregation
o Contribute to the support & encouragement of Jewish & Hebrew education
o Participate in the work of the Torah Fund and the Jewish Theological Seminary, and other Seminary projects
o Participate in activities to strengthen relationships with Israel
o Engage in such civic & philanthropic activities as may be approved by the Board of Directors and the national Women’s League Promote the feeling of camaraderie among Jewish women

Our Sisterhood is a member organization of the North Atlantic Region (NAR)of Women's League for Conservative Judaism at

Sisterhood membership is open to any Jewish woman interested in our purpose.

Please contact any of the officers or committee teams if you are interested in becoming involved!

As part of Sisterhood’s service to BSBI, we operate a Gift Shop in the lobby, providing gifts and Judaica for the holidays and year-round.

Here are the current Sisterhood By-Laws:  Bylaws 2011.doc

Contact Sisterhood :  Judy Meyer at

BSBI Officers- President-TEAM BSBI


Fellowship:  Stacey Poutre

Membership: Susan Margolis, 

Programming: Margie Partney and Judy Meyer

Financial Sec: Diane Keyser

Treasurer: Lieba Bernstein

Recording Secretary: Teri Norman

Corresponding Secretary: Wendy Videll

Good and Welfare: Sandi Phair

Public Relations: Mimi Kalman and Sue Pitler



BSBI Sisterhood Continuing and Incoming Board

OFFICERS 2013-2014

Presidential Team
Representative to BSBI Board Sally Ivaldi
Liaison, North Atlantic Region of Women’s League Judy Meyer
Leading Meetings Board Rotation

Fellowship: Stacey Poutre
Membership: OPEN
Programming: Judy Meyer and Margie Partney
Financial Secretary: Diane Keyser
Treasurer: Lieba Bernstein
Corresponding Secretary OPEN
Recording Secretary Teri Norman

Terms begin July 1:
2012-2014 2013-2015 2014-16

Brina Abrahams Ellie Flink Brina Abrahams
Debbie Cinquemani Carol Goldstein Harriet Beede
Sharon Hartstein Phyllis Greenstein Paula Finkelstein
Ilene O’Neil Sally Ivaldi Ilene O’Neil
Rachel Reindel Mimi Kalman Maddy Turk
Maddy Turk Maxine Lerman

Ex Officio
Cantor Anita Schubert Carol Goldstein
Lisa Plavin Sally Ivaldi
Ruth Wind Judy Meyer

Nominating Committee:
Judy Meyer and Sally Ivaldi, IPPs / Co-Chairs
Board Reps
Margie Partney
Teri Norman
Brina Abrahams (in Jan)
At-Large Reps
Lynn Cohen
Rima Riedel
Bea Brodie

1. Sisterhood volunteer to deliver bulk mail to Weston Street Post Office two to three times a year. We can teach you the procedures.
2. Sisterhood volunteer to contact potential new members.

If possible, we would like you to attend board meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month, from 7 to 9 pm, August through June.
Respondents should contact Judy Meyer at 860-644-9271.

400 Middle Turnpike East, Manchester, CT 06040 - (860) 643-9563

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