Establish an Endowment Fund to Assure the Viability of our Synagogue and the Continuity of the Jewish People

History has shown the synagogue to be the oldest and most valuable institution of the Jewish people. No one can conceive of the survival of Jewish communities anywhere or the rearing of generations of Jewish children without synagogues.  The synagogue has been the heartbeat pumping life into the whole community.  It has been the teacher showing Jews the way to develop a community that practices charity, cares for the aged and the sick, shelters the homeless, supports the weak and educates all of its children.  The synagogue is thus the conscience of the Jewish people. 

The Endowment Foundation was established on the premise that the present generation has the responsibility to pass on to future generations that which they have received from those who came before them.  To this end the Foundation receives philanthropic gifts and bequests to assure the viability of our Synagogue and the continuity of the Jewish people.

The Endowment Foundation is administered by the Board of Trustees observing the following provisions:

•1)    Any Fund in the principal amount of at least $1,000 but less than $5,000 shall be one of the Named Funds.

•2)    Any Fund in the principal amount of $5,000 or more may be named and the purpose designated as directed by the contributor, and shall thereafter and in perpetuity be a Named Designated Fund.

Contributions are tax deductible and may be given in the form of stocks, Israel Bonds, marketable securities, as well as cash.  In addition, the Endowment Foundation can be named as the beneficiary of bequests or designated the owner and recipient of life insurance policies. 

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