Wisdom in the Winter: A BSBI Lecture Series with Professor Andrew Pessin

Join us for a three-part lecture series with Professor Andrew Pessin, Professor of Philosophy at Connecticut College. The series will be on Monday nights, January 22nd, 29th, and February 5th (snow date February 12th), at 7:30 pm at BSBI. $30 general admission per person for the entire series, $12 for a single lecture. $15 student admission per person for the entire series, $5 for a single lecture. Register online using the form at the bottom of this page or click here to download the flier. Make checks payable to BSBI and mail to 400 East Middle Turnpike, Manchester, CT 06040. 

If you have any questions, contact Jeanne Lowrey at programming@myshul.org.

January 22, 2018: Puzzles and Paradoxes, Reason and Faith

This lecture will provide a historical overview of the sometimes fraught, sometimes productive relationship between philosophy and religious belief, drawing on Jewish sources as well as those of the other major monotheistic religions. 

January 29, 2018: Maimonides: Religious Philosopher or Philosopher of Religion?

Maimonides is the rare example of a figure whose religious work inspired as much veneration as his philosophical work inspired condemnation. This lecture will provide an overview of Maimonides’s philosophical system, with a look at the controversies his work engendered.

February 5, 2018: The Idea(s) of Zionism

Zionism was not one idea but many, and they didn’t always get along so well. In this lecture, we will look at the history of Zionist ideas, with emphasis on the process whereby staunch religious resistance to Zionism eventually became staunch religious support of Zionism (with important exceptions).

Pessin is also the Campus Bureau Editor of The Algemeiner (a news source focusing on Jews and Israel). His books include The Sixty-Second Philosopher, Uncommon Sense: The Strangest Ideas From the Smartest Philosophers, and The God Question: What Famous Thinkers From Plato to Dawkins Have Said About the Divine, as well as two novels—the most recent being The Irrationalist, a historical murder mystery based closely on the suspicious death of the famous philosopher René Descartes. Pessin also portrayed “The Genius” several times on the David Letterman show. More information about him and his work (and a link to Letterman) may be found at http://www.andrewpessin.com.