Youth Activities

Beth Sholom B’nai Israel features a variety of youth activities outside of the Hebrew school that provide opportunities to learn, grow and socialize while forming friendships with other members as well as kids from elsewhere in the region and around the U.S.

Kadima is a youth program for children in grades 6-8 that holds events approximately once a month. Programs provide social, athletic and recreational opportunities, often incorporating a service component. Our Kadima kids can also participate in other local and regional Kadima programs. Kadima is a stepping stone for participation in USY.

USY is for teens in grades 9-12. The goal of our USY chapter is to create an environment in which our teens can further their interest in Judaism and Israel and have their own BSBI community. USY has its own board and works together with an advisor to plan social, athletic and recreational programs for its members. USY also creates programs to raise money for charity, with the group determining where funds raised should go. Our USY chapter is part of the Hanefesh region and members can participate in regional and national programs. In many cases, BSBI offers scholarships for these programs.

Upcoming Youth Events

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