Rabbi Leon Wind Religious School


On behalf of the Rabbi Leon Wind Religious School at Beth Shalom B’nai Israel, we welcome you and your family to our school.  Through our dedicated teachers and staff who provide an outstanding academic program, we hope to challenge, support and nurture our students and provide them with experiences that will shape their Jewish identity and allow them to remain faithful to their beliefs in representing themselves and the Jewish people. Along with caring about what our students learn about Judaism and are able to accomplish at this school, we also care deeply about the kind of people they are and will become.

To help achieve these objectives, we have a number of educational opportunities that connect the religious school to the Synagogue.  These include uplifting, educational and inspirational programs by Rabbi Konigsburg for our students and their parents to enjoy together at the start of religious school on Sunday mornings and Family Shabbat Dinners which include student participation in the Shabbat service followed by dinner with all of the religious school families that attend.

By exploring all that the Rabbi Leon Wind Religious School at Beth Shalom B’nai Israel has to offer, you will see that we have something wonderful going on here.

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