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Passover 5780/2020

Prepare for Pesach
A copy of the Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide, detailing what foods are permitted and prohibited, and how to prepare your kitchen may be found 


Mayor Jay Moran wants your Hametz!











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On Passover we are forbidden to have hametz (leaven foodstuffs) in our possession. Therefore, we plan our shopping so as to have no hametz left by Pesach. If some does remain, we burn it on the morning before Pesach. Today, however, with canned goods, liquors, and well-sealed packages, it has become impractical to discard all unused hametz.
Plan to bring your unopened hametz to the synagogue by Friday, April 2nd at 11 am, so that we can take it to the Food Pantry for the needy. Alternatively, you may put it in a closed place you do not intend to use during the holiday. This hametz is then covered or locked. We then make arrangements for it to ‘leave’ our possession. To do this, you may designate the Rabbi to act as your agent to sell the remaining hametz to a non-Jew who makes a small down-payment and purchases it before Pesach. After the last day of Pesach, the Rabbi asks them for the balance. If they do not wish to pay the full amount they sell it back to us through the Rabbi.
This year your hametz will be extra safe as it will be sold to Manchester Mayor, Jay Moran. If you wish to observe this tradition, you may designate Rabbi Konigsburg as your agent for Mechirat Hametz by giving him the enclosed form no later than 8:00 am, April 2nd.

Any donations made in conjunction with this tradition will go to Manchester Little Free Library Project.

Download the form here to sell your Hametz

B'dikat Hametz, The Search for Leaven
Tuesday, April 7th at your home
After the house has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared for Pesach, we search again for any crumbs that may have been missed. This search is actually an educational ritual. Several pieces of hametz are "planted" around the house and then "found." This is done in a very ritualistic manner utilizing a feather, a wooden spoon and a candle. The prayers to precede and follow the search may be found in your Haggadah. Be sure to include your children or grandchildren in this fun ritual.


Why fast when you don't have to? Attend the Siyum B'chorim service on Thursday, April 8th. The service begins at 7:00 AM and will conclude at 8:00 AM. A light breakfast will be provided following the service.



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BSBI Community Seder

The BSBI Community Seder has been Cancelled

Thu, April 2 2020 8 Nisan 5780