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Beth Sholom B’nai Israel is an Egalitarian Conservative synagogue in Manchester, Connecticut. Please join us for celebration, prayer, learning, or social events. Have a look at our calendar and find a way to connect.



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  • Beshelach: February 11, 2017, Shabbat Shira

    Shabbat Shalom As Miriam sang at the Red Sea, in our Parsha, and as Moses sang the great Shirat HaYam, this Shabbat has music at its core. Not surprisingly, the Haftara for today is also a song of victory, the Song of Deborah after the great victory over the Canaanite city of Hatzor. The calendar […] Read More »

For a perspective from the Conservative movement:

Check out the commentary on this week’s parasha from the Jewish Theological Seminary by clicking here.

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George & Lillian Sandals

Memorial Dinner and Lecture

Featuring Dr. Robert Harris

Lecture: “I Pshat the Torah:

The Origins of How We Study Bible”

March 6th

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