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About Us

Meet Our Principal: Rabbi Alan Lefkowitz

     Rabbi Alan Lefkowitz (“Rabbi Alan”), principal of the Rabbi Leon Wind Religious School, has a love of teaching and sharing the joy of being Jewish. He is both a rabbi and a cantor by training and experience, and his aim is to guide students so that they find meaning and value in Judaism. When Rabbi Alan picks up his guitar, we know we’re about to have fun singing!

     In addition to regular religious school classes, he leads a brief service on Sunday mornings, and a monthly Junior Congregation service, so that the children can practice their skills. He encourages students to lead the group in prayers they have mastered, so they become comfortable on the bimah long before bar or bat mitzvah.

     Rabbi Alan is always available to answer any questions you may have! Please contact him at, or leave a message with Judy Sawtelle, our Office Manager, if you would prefer a phone call from Rabbi Alan (860) 643-9563 x100.

Who Was Rabbi Leon Wind?

     Rabbi Leon Wind was born in Turka, Poland on March 1, 1914. He emigrated to America in 1938 where he served as Rabbi of Temple Beth Sholom in Manchester from 1945 to 1979. He oversaw the construction of Beth Shalom B'nai Israel's current building in 1963. 

     Rabbi Leon Wind set high standards for the Synagogue's Religious School and, upon his retirement, the Congregation named it after him. It was Rabbi Leon Wind's love for learning that made RLWRS the school it is today. 

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784