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Donating Appreciated Securities

Jeff Wasser

Many people make charitable contributions to Beth Sholom B’nai Israel usually by writing checks. However, there are more tax-efficient ways to benefit the Synagogue.  Periodically, the Endowment Committee will highlight in the Bulletin some of the ways that you can be more tax efficient in your charitable giving to the Synagogue.

If you can, donate appreciated securities.  This may include individual stocks, bonds or mutual funds.   Say you want to give $1,000 to BSBI this year. You hold $1,000 worth of stock you bought years ago for $500. That stock really is worth only $925 to you. If you cash in the shares, you’d have a $500 long-term capital gain, taxed at 15 percent. By donating the shares, you’ll get a $1,000 tax deduction and BSBI will get $1,000 to spend.

So first contact your tax adviser to see if this transaction is appropriate for you and then contact a member of the Endowment Committee if you would like to make an appreciated stock donation to BSBI.

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782