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Leaving a Legacy: FAQ

Jeff Wasser

Who can participate in the Leave a Jewish Legacy initiative?

Anyone may participate by making a promise to leave a future gift for the benefit of BSBI. This includes current members, former members, Rabbi Leon Wind Hebrew School Alumni, and friends of the synagogue.

Why is BSBI engaging with the Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) for this project?

The mission of JCF is to assist the Jewish Community and its institutions (such as BSBI) to build a sustainable financial future through endowment.  With over $110,000,000 in assets under management JCF is able to take on financial risk not otherwise achievable by the BSBI Endowment. This alliance and collaborative effort allows BSBI to offer charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts along with other sophisticated financial gift structures to its donors.

Will BSBI benefit if funds are left to JCF?

Donors may designate BSBI as the beneficiary of any funds managed by JCF.

Is there a minimum legacy gift required?

There is no minimum promise level to participate in the program. A legacy gift of any size is graciously accepted. Many people leave a
percentage of their estate, or a specific dollar amount.

Will a donor's name be associated with the legacy gift?

Donors will be recognized publicly
for their commitments, unless they choose to remain anonymous.

Is a promise to leave a legacy legally binding?

No, it is a commitment to provide for future
generations. Donors may change their plans at any time.

What kind of documentation of the legacy gift is needed?

The BSBI Endowment does not require any legal documentation of a legacy gift. However, we encourage donors to share a copy of the relevant portion of their wills or trust documents to ensure that their charitable wishes are properly carried out.

How will donors be recognized?

Donors will be listed as participants in the Leave a Jewish Legacy initiative. If the bequest is directed to the BSBI Endowment they will become members of the Etz Hayim Society. Donors who participate in the Leave a Jewish Legacy program will be
invited to submit a testimonial about their legacy plans for the Voices of Philanthropy - Hartford Jewish Legacies collection.

When should donors start to think about leaving a legacy?

Jewish tradition teaches that
one of our key duties is to make the world a better place for future generations. The time is always right to think about how one wishes to be remembered.

What sorts of gifts can be left as a Jewish Legacy?

There are numerous ways to leave a Jewish Legacy. Among these are gifts of cash, stock, real estate, life insurance and IRA assets. More complex giving opportunities include charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities. Details of different gifting options will be discussed in future BSBI bulletins.

What about the donors’ professional advisors?

The BSBI Endowment in conjunction with the Jewish Community Foundation can work with donors and their professional advisors to plan a legacy that furthers the donor's unique financial and charitable goals. Professional staff is available to meet and consult with advisors throughout the process.

Sat, July 2 2022 3 Tammuz 5782